Manroland Sheetfed delivers 100th press

By Simon Nias, Wednesday 02 January 2013

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Manroland Sheetfed has delivered its 100th press since its acquisition by Langley Holdings on 9 February 2012.


Manroland Sheetfed has delivered 100 presses under Langley Holdings' ownership

However, while European and Worldwide sales appear to be holding up well, the company's UK subsidiary has yet to deliver a press since its acquisition by Langley on 12 March last year.

Acting managing director Martin Hawley, who took over from Adam Robotham following his departure in July last year, said that while the lack of any UK press sales in 2012 was disappointing, the company had "a strong pipeline" and was "very optimistic about 2013".

Hawley said that the company had yet to deliver a press to the UK but was coy on whether it had taken any orders, although he stressed that the spare parts and services side of the business had performed well in 2012.

"Apart from not securing a [press] sale in 2012, we were happy with the UK's performance, both with the spare parts and services business," he added. "We had a strong end to the year and going forward into 2013 we are very, very optimistic."

Hawley said that the company's presence at Drupa, just three months after being bought out of administration, had helped to restore confidence in the future of the Manroland brand as part of the Langley Group.

Commenting on the 100th press milestone, Manroland Sheetfed head of sales Peter Conrady said: "We are delighted to have passed this first milestone, which was exactly our target for 2012 under the new organization.

"Following the re-structuring that has taken place this year, the company is able to manage a small profit at this level, despite the factory is only operating at less than one third it's maximum capacity but with what we are seeing in the pipeline, I do expect this will increase in 2013."

Manroland Sheetfed UK currently employs 30 staff, down from 37 at the time of its purchase by Langley Holdings, the majority of whom work on the services side of the business, with Hawley and two regional sales directors making up the sales team.

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