News International opens 'world's biggest printing plant' in Hertfordshire

By Tim Sheahan, Monday 17 March 2008

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News International has opened what it claims to be the biggest printing plant in the world in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, housing 12 Man Roland Colorman XXL presses.

The new £187m site is the group's third of three new facilities, following the opening of sites near Liverpool and in Scotland late last year.

The plant houses 12 16pp web-offset presses, which can each output up to 86,000 newspapers an hour, 50,000 more than the previous site in Wapping could produce.

The Broxbourne plant, which is the size of 23 football pitches, will operate the triple-width presses allow for the production of tabloid and broadsheet newsprint simultaneously.

News International has spent £650m on its move from Wapping, a site in Knowsley, near Liverpool and a Eurocentre facility near Glasgow, which prints Scottish editions of four News International titles, The Sun, The Times, News of the World and The Sunday Times.

The Sun is already being printed at the Broxbourne plant. The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph will begin printing from there later this year.

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