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‘We’re about service, not about puffing our chests out’


By Darryl Danielli, 28 September 2015

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On, ahem, paper it’s been a busy old year for David Hunter, Antalis managing director, UK, Ireland and Southern Africa.

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Tangled web sector signals crunch time for buyers
28 September 2015

The web offset sector has experienced another turbulent year, with further closures, lay-offs and major capacity loss all hitting the industry.

Digital production puts John Good at top of the bill
28 September 2015

John Good, one of the UK’s largest and longest-running publishers of theatre programmes and brochures, was keen to work on its performance techniques.

The theories that could give you a very practical edge
28 September 2015

The printing industry has never been more competitive than it is today. Advances in technology have increasingly taken the guesswork – and to some extent the skill – out of producing high-quality print...

How the humble mobile phone will conquer W2P
28 September 2015

On Valentines Day this year, a landmark moment in retail was reached: according to the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, the proportion of online retail traffic coming from mobile devices broke the 50%...

Keep staff and your name out of the media minefield
14 September 2015

Sometimes it feels as if the rise of social media is unstoppable. For many of us it has become second nature to share personal updates, images and opinions on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

ESOS: benefit or burden?
14 September 2015

When the government first floated the idea of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) back in 2012, it did so with the strap line: ‘Helping UK enterprises improve profitability through better information...

Profiting from web-to-print sans frontières
14 September 2015

Their clients are pressing all the right buttons, but that’s not enough. John Scott and Stephen Neild, who formed Mauve Print Management from a modest barn conversion more than three years ago, have tapped...

Take your print out of the gutter
14 September 2015

In a market where even digital print is becoming commoditised, the once-humble bindery is emerging as the place to add value and hopefully restore profits. Short-run or one-off books and brochures can...

‘Everyone wants a solution – bigger, faster or better’
01 September 2015

Last week was the main judging day for the PrintWeek Awards was held, so we took the opportunity to grill more than 20 leading buyers on subjects ranging from what challenges they face, what drives innovation,...

Freed-up funds ensure wheels keep turning
01 September 2015

"We would never have considered it 10 years ago, or even five years ago.” This single sentence from Linney Group managing director Miles Linney sums up just how much things have changed in the receivables...

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