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By Jenny Roper, 28 July 2014

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Print is constantly being challenged to push the boundaries of what’s possible to ensure that it maintains its key position in the marketing mix. As the following examples from the past 12 months show, printers worldwide are doing their bit to ensure the medium remains relevant.

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The only way is up: will rate rise pile pressure on print?
28 July 2014

A lot has happened since March 2009. Back then, Gordon Brown was still Prime Minister, 2012’s Olympic fever was still years away and the economic recovery we’re in the midst of seemed like a distant fantasy....

Business inspection: Serving a chic and unique client base
28 July 2014

To make the most of its specialist talents Pressision has branched out into fashion.

Going viral: using video to highlight your star quality
24 March 2014

Dogs chasing deer, David after the dentist and sneezing baby pandas – it doesn’t take a digital genius to realise online video is now (with the latter alone garnering over 190m hits) just a bit popular....

Brands benefit from quality content and print’s power
13 January 2014

When customer magazines (or contract publishing titles as they’re sometimes known) first appeared in the 1980s they were rather bland tomes. Editorial standards were poor to non-existent and these magazines...

Helping staff play a healthy game of life
13 January 2014

With colds and flu, not to mention post-Christmas hangovers, so prevalent in January, there are few times quite so likely to remind printers of the havoc that absenteeism can play with a workforce.

Business inspection: Top the class in building relationships
13 January 2014

Offering a one-stop service for schools has helped Artisan Print Solutions printer build a healthy revenue stream.

Staff perks can be mutually beneficial
09 December 2013

While signs that the UK economy is beginning to demonstrate sustainable growth are clearly welcome, most printers are still too conscious of the need to control costs to welcome the idea of stumping up...

Business inspection: Achieving a carbon-free operation
09 December 2013

Going green is more than just a tick-box exercise for this end-to-end postal business.

Print presents designed to make an impression
09 December 2013

Do you need that special something for the print fanatic in your life? Well, look no further – PrintWeek’s essential gift guide will help you find print-related goodies to suit all tastes and budgets....

Still going strong: superannuated kit can still be super
25 November 2013

Of most importance to the majority of printers today? Undoubtedly keeping up with the ever-quickening march of technological change. Most, that is, but not quite all.

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