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'People are returning to print because it achieves results’


By Darryl Danielli, 29 June 2015

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As one of the biggest brand-side print spenders in the UK, Sky’s head of print management Mark Cruise in many ways bears a heavy responsibility on his shoulders.

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Last year, Dave Broadway, managing director at CFH Docmail in Bristol, took delivery of a new car – a Tesla Model S. The slick-looking saloon is fast and powerful, but crucially, it’s got a whopping range...

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Regardless of size, one thing that every print business should bear in mind at all times is how profitable a job is likely to be as, after all, making profit is essential for any company that wants to...

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29 June 2015

Sales are vital to any print business. The hum of the presses may be the heartbeat, ink may be the blood, but sales is the fuel that keeps the whole body of production moving forward.

Print’s tactile nature ensures other media can’t touch it
29 June 2015

One clue of how important touch is as a sense, is in how closely the language of emotion is entwined with it. When we talk about emotional states, we talk about ‘feelings’.

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Not only is he the driving force behind Precision Printing the circa 120-staff, £20m-turnover group that is one of the UK’s leading exponents of mass customisation, he’s also a BPIF board member and global...

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15 June 2015

A universal “ooooh” of delight and appreciation. That was the reaction from the assembled group of Kingston University final-year illustration and animation students, as a particularly luxe print sample...

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When television sets started to become ubiquitous in the aftermath of the Second World War people warned that they heralded the death knell for radio. When CDs were launched in the 1980s they were labelled...

Latest studies reveal a real feeling for print products
15 June 2015

Once upon a time print was the only mass media around. If anyone wanted to convey information or ideas – whether fact or fiction, for business or pleasure, or selling and telling – then print was the...

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15 June 2015

The hardest part was the change in mindset.” Two years ago, Simon Tabelin was managing director of a five-staff print business operating out of a basement in West Hampstead. Today he is managing director...

Interview: ‘Complicated and difficult is our bread and butter’
01 June 2015

In January 2012, Rob Kelly left the cosseted surroundings of St Ives, where he was the group’s marketing director, to go it alone as a marketing consultant. However, just six months later he returned to...

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