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Interview: ‘Print is having a real renaissance with young people’


By Darryl Danielli, 23 March 2015

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It’s safe to say that Pureprint chief executive Mark Handford likes to run his business at full throttle.

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Old-school schemes find favour with a new generation
23 March 2015

Ink-stained apprentices were a feature of the printing trade for centuries. At least three US presidents – Thomas Jefferson, Warren Harding and Lyndon Johnson – worked as so-called ‘printer’s devils’ in...

Set your pay schemes to suit your sales strategy
23 March 2015

For years the tried and trusted method print bosses used to motivate their sales staff was the ‘carrot and stick’ approach: the promise of cold hard cash if certain performance-related targets were hit...

Fresh-faced chic: reviving your identity
23 March 2015

Consignia, New Coke and Choco Krispies are just three of many infamous attempts at rebranding over the years. While some companies ride out the storm that often accompanies major change, these three were...

New EU regs look set to stifle mercurial talents
23 March 2015

There are on the horizon tougher EU regulations regarding the use of hazardous substances that are targeted at some of the more troublesome elements of the periodic table, among them lead (Pb), cadmium...

Interview: ‘Inserts may not be sexy, but they have massive scale’
09 March 2015

It’s not often that that PrintWeek gets invited to media agency bashes, where the beards are short and the hair directional.

Proper motivation makes work seem less of a treadmill
09 March 2015

There was a time buying a round at the pub on a Friday and offering a Christmas bonus would be enough to keep staff pretty content and settled enough not to look at other opportunities. Those times are...

Event organisers prepare for biggest show to date
09 March 2015

Expensive, irrelevant and out of date, with no accurate way of measuring tangible ROI – this is the view that some equipment manufacturers have of trade shows these days.

Handy finishers find firm footing to stand alone
09 March 2015

Back in their schooldays, friends Lynn Russell and Cath Maybin had no idea that in the future they would be joint directors of a successful contract packing, handwork and finishing company.

Interview: ‘A business lives or dies on cashflow, not just profit’
23 February 2015

According to Delta Group chief executive Mike Phillips, the firm’s clients regard it as one of the industry’s best kept secrets. But with sales expected to nudge £70m in 2015 and an ambitious plan to either...

Firms turn to Jungsters to get the measure of new starters
23 February 2015

Steve Jobs was ISTP, whereas Leonardo da Vinci was ENTP. Bill Gates, however, is ENTJ while Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg is judged to be ENFJ.

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