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Interview: ‘A business lives or dies on cashflow, not just profit’


By Darryl Danielli, 23 February 2015

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According to Delta Group chief executive Mike Phillips, the firm’s clients regard it as one of the industry’s best kept secrets. But with sales expected to nudge £70m in 2015 and an ambitious plan to either create or be part of £150m-plus global group in the next five years, it’s not likely to remain...

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Steve Jobs was ISTP, whereas Leonardo da Vinci was ENTP. Bill Gates, however, is ENTJ while Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg is judged to be ENFJ.

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Alex Rogo is a harried plant manager working ever more desperately to try to improve performance. His factory is rapidly heading for disaster. So is his marriage. He has 90 days to save his plant or it...

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23 February 2015

With more than 20,000 orders a day and projected growth of 50% over the next year for its Docmail service, CFH Docmail handles a lot of mail for a lot of people. With that many customers relying on you...

What’s the secret behind keeping it in the family?
09 February 2015

The UK economy is underpinned by family businesses. According to the Forum of Private Business, around 3m of the country’s 4.6m SMEs are run by families and these businesses contribute around 31% of GDP....

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Packaging Innovations celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Like any 10-year-old it has grown.

Interview: ‘Always build your business around what clients want’
09 February 2015

Taking on one failed print business and converting it into a £38m-turnover firm that you then sell to a US corporate could be considered lucky. If you then go on to do it a second time, and make an even...

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Eating fish and chips on a Saturday afternoon while on holiday might seem like a rather unlikely time to come up with a business brainwave, but for Colchester Print Group managing director Philip Colchester...

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26 January 2015

Printed books are doing rather well. Bookseller Foyles posted an 8.1% increase, year on year, in printed books sales for December 2014, while Waterstones says sales of physical books rose 5% in the same...

Interview: ‘I bring knowledge of how to deliver value to members’
26 January 2015

Despite the fact that he’s a biologist by training, by virtue of his degree at least, the BPIF’s new chief executive, Charles Jarrold, still feels he’s been involved with print for as long as he can remember....

Division of labour? How SPL will impact your business
26 January 2015

Waiting for new employment legislation to hit is a bit like expecting a baby. There’s plenty of time to prepare, but when the momentous day arrives some of the demands can still prove a shock to the system....

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