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Killer content will click with customers


By Nick Mansley, 23 November 2015

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Prior to the internet if a company wanted to order some printed collateral they would typically pick up a copy of the local Yellow Pages and thumb through the alphabetised list of printers in the area before randomly selecting one. It was as rudimentary as it gets.

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‘Growth is vital, but we’re not about chasing a number’
23 November 2015

Geoff Neal Litho was founded in 1976 by managing director Sam Neal’s dad, Geoff, almost by accident.

Make sure good customers want to keep coming back
23 November 2015

On the high street – be it the virtual or physical version – customer loyalty is hard won. The big retailers pump great piles of cash into customer retention strategies because they know that the consumer...

Filling the void: home schooling for print skills
23 November 2015

All this talk of there being a shortage of skills in the print and packaging industries is rubbish, according to Label Apeel managing director Amy Chambers: “It’s not that there’s a shortage – it’s a vacuum,...

Don’t let aged files byte the dust
23 November 2015

There’s a fine collection of old Macintosh computers in my attic and garage. A 1988 Mac SE, a 1995 PowerBook laptop with tiny mono screen, a 1996 Performa 6200 and a huge metal G5 from 2002. They all work,...

'St Bride’s is a living, breathing thing that pulls you in’
09 November 2015

As chief executive of the St Bride Foundation, Glyn Farrow is in many respects the de facto trustee of print’s proud heritage.

Well-dressed mail delivers the right first impression
09 November 2015

"You wouldn’t give someone a present unwrapped, or give it to them in a carrier bag,” observes Alistair Hall, director at London design company We Made This.

Employee perks can perk up your performance
09 November 2015

In its Employee Insight Report published in July 2015, Capita Employee Benefits found that 66% of employees would be more likely to stay with an employer that offers good benefits. As the saying (and classic...

Sunny outlook for adopters of solar power
09 November 2015

It was not so much a problem as the opportunity that prompted us,” says Dale Deacon, who will save his business tens of thousands of pounds every year after seizing that opportunity.

The first line of defence
09 November 2015

Making the print is only ever part of the job of meeting the client’s need for a product to convey their messaging. It is usually necessary to finish the print to protect and/or enhance it, ensuring it...

A fragile truce binds printers and managers in partnership
26 October 2015

Around a decade or so ago PrintWeek published its inaugural print management league table. The table ranked the UK’s 20 biggest print managers by turnover and was headed by corporate behemoths like Astron,...

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