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Room for growth: finding space for ongoing success


By Jenny Roper, 01 September 2014

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In an ever-more competitive market, and with new technology continually evolving the way that we do business, it is essential that printing firms invest in modern kit. But with this can come the need for more space, at which point it’s time to think about expanding your existing factory or relocating...

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Print remains the top scorer for music publishers
01 September 2014

It’s the Cheltenham Music Festival 2010. Classical pianist James Rhodes walks on stage to perform an encore of Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor... with an iPad.

Business inspection: Maintaining two strings to your bow
01 September 2014

Remaining fast and flexible has been key to success in both print and publishing.

High-speed digital targets corrugated
01 September 2014

Often seen as the carton’s less profitable and glamorous relation, corrugated packaging can often be overlooked. And yet, while digital printing of conventional cartons seems to have stalled, this is exactly...

UK print must do more to resolve gender imbalance
11 August 2014

In Britain, 2014, the average full-time pay gap between men and women is 10%, women make up just 17% of FTSE 100 board directors, and a quarter of women, according to a recent Business Environment survey,...

Accounting for more adventurous tastes
11 August 2014

Historically report and accounts (R&A) brochures used to be drab affairs consisting of a cover bearing a company logo and little else, followed by numerous pages of impenetrable numbers. Colour was used...

Business inspection: Eco standard-bearer pushes into Europe
11 August 2014

The five-figure investment required to secure the EU Ecolabal was a price well worth paying.

Slim down RIPs to beef up efficiency
11 August 2014

How times have changed. Just over a decade or so ago, most commercial printers relied on just a CTP for imaging and needed only one RIP, or a workflow with an embedded RIP, to drive it.

Around the world in 8 prints
28 July 2014

Print is constantly being challenged to push the boundaries of what’s possible to ensure that it maintains its key position in the marketing mix. As the following examples from the past 12 months show,...

The only way is up: will rate rise pile pressure on print?
28 July 2014

A lot has happened since March 2009. Back then, Gordon Brown was still Prime Minister, 2012’s Olympic fever was still years away and the economic recovery we’re in the midst of seemed like a distant fantasy....

Is clickable print finally set to take off?
28 July 2014

This year, the number of smartphone users around the world is expected to hit 1.75bn. Currently, 88% of smartphone users use their phones to research an online purchase. And mobile use now accounts for...

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