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‘Everyone wants a solution – bigger, faster or better’


By Darryl DanielliJo Francis, 01 September 2015

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Last week was the main judging day for the PrintWeek Awards was held, so we took the opportunity to grill more than 20 leading buyers on subjects ranging from what challenges they face, what drives innovation, and what blocks it, and the perfect manifesto for print.

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Freed-up funds ensure wheels keep turning
01 September 2015

"We would never have considered it 10 years ago, or even five years ago.” This single sentence from Linney Group managing director Miles Linney sums up just how much things have changed in the receivables...

Can a short-term outlet bring long-term benefits?
01 September 2015

It was a Chip Shop, but it didn’t sell chips. Rather, it sold print. More specifically, it sold screen-printed chipboard.

Taking posters to new heights
01 September 2015

There’s little doubt that when it comes to outdoor advertising, digital technology has really upped the ante in terms of driving engagement. From a poster that deliberately makes people yawn through to...

Business inspection: Find your niche in the printiverse
01 September 2015

Mimtec used to do virtually everything but print. The thermoforming specialist, based in Fareham, near Portsmouth, is just that, a specialist in the hyper-niche market of vacuum and pressure forming, twin-sheet...

‘The reason you get into digital print is because you love it’
10 August 2015

There aren’t many things that worry ProCo managing director Jon Bailey, after all he’s made a career out of embracing change.

Welcoming a new firm into the fold
10 August 2015

Take his word for it, acquiring a company can be a great way of growing your existing one. In the last decade Witherbys’ managing director James Greene has helped secure not one but two takeovers of print...

Why achieving marginal gains is worth the price
10 August 2015

In winning the 2015 Tour de France last month Chris Froome did something no British rider had managed before, becoming the first to win the race two times.

Why investing in your staff’s skills really does add up
10 August 2015

As the brilliant industrialist Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80.” The quote has stood the test of time and arguably is more relevant today than ever.

‘Identify where you are making money’
27 July 2015

Normally a company boss cuts their teeth heading up a small business, graduating to bigger and bigger firms as they gain more experience before, perhaps one day, working for a multi-site, multinational,...

Building in all the comforts of home can be a tricky job
27 July 2015

When it comes to residential property the guiding principle is always ‘location, location, location’. But although this same rule might be applied by some business owners when it comes to workplace requirements,...

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